Engage Your Audience

I'm one of those weird people who loves speaking in front of an audience, I get such a buzz for getting other people excited about subjects that excite me. And that's the big secret, if you can't engage an audience and get them excited about your topic then you're wasting your time and theirs. I get an immense satistfaction from working with people on their speeches and presentations, seeing how together we can take an okay presentation and convert into something great, something that will inspire, entertain and educate an audience.

The thing I liked most though is the creative cooperation: he's able to come up with 10 alternatives in a short time, which is highly inspiring. I've been in group sessions with Dermot too and the thing that strikes me again is the amount of thought and creativity he puts into it. He creates a fun inclusive atmosphere ideal for learning and growing. And he knows his stuff. Both as a personal speech coach and a trainer highly recommended! Peter Zinn, Professional Speaker

Presentation Slide Design

I have a passion for visual design. It first started with architecture and photography but what really excites me now is how the power of visual design can turn dull forgettable slides into an unbeatable visual tool that helps audiences understand and remember a speaker's message.

In the interests of all of us who regularly watch business presentations, I wish that attending one of Dermot’s “Pimp My Slides” workshops would be made compulsory for all Powerpoint presenters. David Sen, Open Text Corporation

Creating The Perfect Pitch

When I set up Geekspeak Training I was very attracted to the infinite possiblilites and energy of the startup community but what I found was that while there was great ideas buzzing around, they weren't being translated well into business models and pitches.

I knew I could help and over the last few years have worked with a number of entrepreneurs bulletproofing their business models and creating pitches that gave investors what they needed to know and kept that unique personality of the presenter.

I have used Dermot on a number of occasions to coach startups in how to pitch to investors. Dermot coached our recent HealthXL digital health prepare for pitching in front of an audience of 300+ investors and mentors at the recent HealthXL global gathering. Dermot's presentation on 'pimping up your slides' is one that anyone who uses slides during presentations should hear. Jean Dunne, HealthXL
Dermot worked with me and the other entrepreneurs during the HealthXL weekend accelerator. Over the space of a day he helped me to hone my pitch till it was razor sharp. Jan Bosch, Founder - Rescuez

Founder of Geekspeak Training, Dermot Greene is a professional speaker who helps IT professionals communicate.

He believes that we learn best while having fun and ensures that his talks are the perfect blend of expertise, engagement and enjoyment.

Pimp My Slide

Don't punish your audience with dreary text-heavy presentations, learn how to design slides that add impact to your message and help your audience remember the most important aspects of your presentations.
Pimp My Slide

Pimp My Slide

Have you ever suffered a dreadful presentation? Those text-heavy, dull droning presentations that seem to go on for days and slowly sap away at your will to live…

It doesn’t have to be that way. Presentations have the power to bore or to inspire, to switch off or to connect, to waste time or to create change.

Learn how the careful use of text, images and colours can make your ideas and your message powerful. Learn basic design ideas and concepts to lift your slides to a level that will communicate your message clearly and effectively.

  • Format: 1 hr talk, 1/2 day workshop, full day workshop

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are a series of short 30 minute talks that highlight the seven biggest mistakes people make when presenting to an audience, designing presentation slides and pitching to investors.
The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins of Slide Design

There are two ways to make an impact on your audience with Presentations Slides, you can wow them with amazing design or you can bore them with dull, text-heavy slides. This session is about showing you the seven biggest mistakes people make with their presentation slides and how to solve them.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Pitching

It only takes one mistake in your pitch for you to lose the chance to get investment. Keep your dream alive, learn the seven biggest mistakes pitchers and how you can avoid them.

  • Format:30 min talk

Show Me the Money

Crafting the Perfect Pitch
Show Me The Money: Crafting the Perfect Pitch

"Show Me The Money: Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Over the last four years Dermot has heard hundreds of pitches. He found that presenters were making the same types of simple mistakes time and time again. Simple, easy to fix mistakes that anyone can avoid, Show Me The Money is about avoiding those mistakes and making investors sit up and listen to you.

Most pitches fail because they can't answer the three questions that every investor wants answered. Find out what these three key questions are, how to answer them and the secret to writing a pitch that will grab attention and put you head and shoulders above the competition.

  • Format: 1 hr talk, 1/2 day workshop, full day workshop

The Perfect Speech

Being a great is not a talent, it's a skill that anyone can learn. Discover five secrets to powerful persuasive presenting that can make you better than 90% of the world's presenters.
The Five Key Elements of the Perfect Speech

The Five Key Elements of the Perfect Speech

Have you ever wondered what it takes to to give the perfect presentation?

We all want a magic formula that will help us inspire and persuade, that will make our audiences laugh and cry, call our listeners to action and make them remember your message forever.

The Five Elements of the Perfect Presentation will give you the key ingredients to building yourself into a world class orator.

  • Format: 1 hr talk, 1/2 day workshop, full day workshop